The Benefits of Using Temporary Labour with a Furloughed Workforce

Benefits of using Temporary Workers
Help for businesses with a furloughed workforce


The Benefits of Using Temps, with a Furloughed Workforce.

I know what you are thinking, but trust me, this is worth a read, especially as it can benefit you and help your company to bounce back from the mess that COVID-19 has left the economy in. The world ground to a halt as companies were forced to close, the UK entered lockdown. With concerns for your business’ future, and how you could survive this Pandemic, many of us, APN included, were forced to make the tough decision to furlough our workforce.


Fast forward to now…

Restrictions have started to ease, the economy wheels beginning to turn, we are all faced with the same question

“When is the right time to un-furlough my staff?”

Making the decision to un-furlough your workforce, is difficult and time-consuming. The decision becomes heavier with the added financial burden un-furloughing brings. A catch-22 situation, a need to generate an income by manufacturing and despatching orders however this places an immediate strain on finances with a heavily increased wage bill.

“At APN, we faced this same dilema. We had furloughed our workforce and could not take the wage bill back on, unitl we had generated a higher income, however we needed to work to generate that income” Aimee Morris – APN Recruitment

The Solution

There is a solution to the problem. Roger a client of APN Recruitment faced this same dilemma, he had received a time critical order which would give his business a much-needed financial boost, however the work was not guaranteed to be long term. Roger did not want to take a gamble on reinstating his own workforce only to have to furlough them again, so he contacted APN Recruitment for help.


APN supplied temporary, semi-skilled labour to Roger to meet his order demands. With flexible invoicing and payments terms along with a generous credit limit, Roger had no initial outlay for his temporary staff. The temporary team worked over 2 shifts to fulfil the order to high standards and within the allocated time. This order has now generated more work for Roger’s company allowing 60% of his workforce to return on a full-time basis.


Here to Help

What ever your requirements, APN are here to help. We are gradually beginning to find a new normal with a mix of working both within the office and from home. We have had an influx of fresh candidates who are all available and looking for work covering various industry sectors. If you would like to discuss how using our services can benefit your company, please give us a call today. TEL: 01527 757 240


Thank you to all of you who continue to support our independent recruitment business, Aimee, Les, Michaela & Sam