My Candidate Ghosted Me

It’s 7.54 am. Monday morning, the clocks have jumped forward an hour (something I need at least 2 weeks to adjust to these days ) I am only one coffee in and Clients are ringing my mobile to tell me out of the 4 new starters due in their business this morning only 1 has actually turned up.

The feeling of anxiety, panic and rage that hits my stomach is so intense – it makes me feel sick. I am panicking about the client’s staffing levels, I made a promise to deliver and I have failed but to add insult to injury, my candidates have ghosted me. 

Welcome to Monday morning in Recruitment. I would like to say this isn’t a natural occurrence within recruitment, but I would be lying. Unfortunately, whether recruiting internally, externally, for temporary or permanent roles this is the norm amongst today’s workforce. 

5 years ago, I would have never used the term “Ghosted” but let’s be real about things, being ghosted doesn’t just apply to dating!

After grovelling to the clients (who were all very understanding) and spending the day working trying to recruit replacements for roles, I revisited every action that was taken with the candidates from search through to job offer to see if there was something fundamental I was missing within our processes.

I can hand on my heart say – every single step my team and I took was above and beyond to ensure the candidates were fully briefed, prepped, interviewed, and had all of the information they needed to start their new jobs.  How many recruiters do you know, will work on a Sunday, on Mother’s Day to contact all new starters, to talk through how they were feeling, to ease away any nerves they may have and to ensure they had all of the information they needed. 

To rub salt into the wounds, all 4 candidates confirmed they were happy with what was offered and were excited to be starting work the next day. 75% didn’t show up. Meaning 75% of my week was wasted last week, the time I could have invested into helping support others into work.

The one candidate who did turn up, was the youngest we had recruited, he had the least work experience and had every reason to be the most nervous, yet this young superstar powered through any negative feelings he may have had and arrived on his first day of work – the feedback at lunchtime was “he is fantastic” – music to my ears. 

This one candidate made the entire week worthwhile – but imagine how many more candidates we could have helped if we weren’t bogged down with people who text, messages like this on a Sunday night and don’t turn up on Monday mornings…

Yes all set for 8am start 😬

Brilliant thanks for everything 👍 I’ll be there Monday.

All good for tomorrow – thanks