About us

The award winning recruitment agency 

APN Recruitment has been delivering the best people for businesses for a combined 20 years. So much so we have won multiple awards for the best recruitment services. We take our award winning recruitment agency title seriously, and we uphold the highest standards that keeps our clients coming back for more talent. The dedicated team of consultants and account managers are not only an extension of your company, they become a part of your business. This is the only way APN Recruitment can remain as one of the best recruitment agencies in the UK!  

Why is recruitment important?

Unfortunately, not every recruitment agency has left the best impression. Honesty, integrity, and delivering on promises is at the heart of what we do. We wouldn’t be an award winning recruitment agency if we didn’t stick to these principles. Have you been struggling to find people who truly represent who you are as a company? This is why recruitment is important, you need to know how to look, not just what to look for.  


Our recruitment process  

First and foremost, there needs to be a learning period. What values are you not sharing with your potential candidates? Most businesses focus on what the job is, and not why the job is important. Starting with why you do what you do, then working on the day-to-day job is an effective way to attract top talent.  

Initial visit 

First part of the process is to come to your business, to fully understand your company, and why you are the place to work. Ideally, this is done in person, but with the shift to video conferencing, this can also be done online if it is more convenient. Being surrounded by the work environment gives a much better understanding as to the type of people you want to attract. 

The position 

Once the culture and ethos has been established, the next step is to make sure the job role is correctly established. This is why external recruitment is important, what you may think is normal, may be unique to you. An outside perspective can change the way you see your business, it is the outsourced recruitment agencies job to let this shine through. No matter if it is full time, part time, temporary, or interim; finding the best people should always be number one.  

Pre interview 

Before you see a candidate for an interview, they will be attending a pre interview with APN Recruitment, to make sure they are the right fit for you and your business. Sending over every person who applies is a waste of everyone’s time, if we can filter out candidates who aren’t perfect before you interview them, then it saves you time and money.  

Family owned; professionally run 

APN Recruitment, with its combined 20-year experience, has the family run ethos at its heart. Caring for people in your business, as if they were our own. The quality of service is still maintained to the highest standard, taking pride in being the award winning recruitment agency! Get in touch with us to start finding the most valuable talent, today!